Hey LF Fans!

The time has come for the WOW!  As you all know we have been working on this kite for over a year and are moving away from “shooting the whole wad” in one go. The staggered release and increase of product lifecycle helps retailers and consumers prolong the value of their gear and retain margin amongst other benefits.

** Please note – This does NOT replace the Envy. The Envy will always be our money kite that works well everywhere. When we talk about this kite – it is our surf / free-riding choice!

It is more of a intermediate to advanced kiteboarder / kite surfer that will want this kite, as it is very fast with immediate bar input and turning speed!  Equates to precise control, but you have to be on you game. Give it to the wrong person and they’ll still have fun but won’t appreciate the performance which could slow their progression.

Jason Slezak – “The WOW is the best kite LF has ever made for waves..pretty much my dream kite”.

The WOW fulfils all LFK’s “go to market objectives” and is dialled in! I have samples dropping Monday and will do what I can to get around you all. If you specifically want to try – 1st come, first served – put your hand up!!

  1. First LFK super fast wave focused 3-strut machine for aggressive riding.
  2. Creates a great product segmentation and definitive choice for a specific rider that is looking for a kite that is focused on surfing with the added benefit of a great free-style kite.
  3. Use of innovative and unique to LF materials and design with a new reduced diameter LE (leading edge) that create a fast responsive feel and ultimate kite control.
  4. Further adds to our staggered release strategy.
  5. Looks bad-ass!
  6. I have a few in stock with more on the way.

Want one – step up fast.

Click HERE to access the high resolution Issuu with the WOW Story.

Click HERE to read the WOW review and HERE to watch the video!

Please spread the love, share, share, share….

See you all soon.

Cheers, Andy.
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