The Bern Helmet Crash Replacement scheme allows you to purchase a replacement Bern helmet at a reduced price following a crash.

All transactions are made through the Bern Distributor, Ultra Sport Europe.

To qualify for the scheme you must supply proof of purchase to verify the damaged helmet was bought through an official Bern Retailer in the UK or Ireland. This receipt must also verify the date of purchase, which must be within 3 years from the time of your claim.

All efforts will be made to offer you a like-for-like replacement, but on occasion a substitute colour or alternative model will be offered based on availability. Any alternative helmet will be of equal or greater value.

Please contact the Ultra Sport customer service department at and provide the following details:

  • Model and size of helmet damaged
  • Photographs of the helmet clearly showing the damage
  • Detailed information about the crash and damage to the helmet
  • Original proof of purchase
  • Details of shipping and billing address for replacement helmet

Upon receipt of this information Ultra Sport will verify that the helmet falls under the terms of the Crash Replacement Scheme and confirm what can be offered as a replacement.

Once a replacement helmet has been agreed we will contact you to arrange payment. Finally we will ask you to provide evidence that your current helmet is no longer in use – usually a photo showing the chin straps cut off will suffice. In certain circumstances, where the damaged is not easily evident from the photographs, we may request that the damaged helmet be returned to us.

If you have any questions about BERN or the Crash Replacement Scheme then please email or call Ultra Sport on 01332 813150.

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James Wright
Photographer: Callum Jelley