What got you into Downhill Skating? 

It was definitely a mixture of different things. I street skated for a year or so before I heard about longboarding from some friends who has been to a local slide jam. They showed me some videos and pictures, which quickly inspired me to get my first board! I learned to freeride straight away after that!

After a month or so I met quite a few skaters down at my local freeride hill, which we would session every day!

What do you love most about longboarding? 

The thing I love most about longboarding is the friendly nature of the sport! Everyone is friends and it’s like being part of a big family. We are all involved in helping each other progress and most importantly just want to have fun!

What made you want to skate fast? 

I started freeriding and going to more and more events, which meant I met the whole UK skate scene. Through this I met a lot of downhill riders who quickly inspired me to learn to predrift and go fast!

Where in the world has skating taken you? 

I’ve now been all around the world on downhill skate trips, either to explore new roads and film or to attend different events. I’ve also been on freeride trips to Spain, Switzerland, Wales and Slovenia and of course all around the UK with my friends. I can’t think of anything better than skating and exploring new roads with people who share the same passion as me.

What is your favourite set up? 

I personally like to skate ARBOR. There is a lot of hard work going into designing and producing the boards, which you can tell from the moment you step foot on one and skate down your favourite hill. Arbor donate a portion of everything sold to groups that protect and restore forests which helps the environment and has a big impact in restoration of forests and trees which can only mean one thing… more skateboards!!

I currently ride the Arbor James Kelly pro model deck with Caliber Trucks and Slide Perfect wheels.  This deck fits my style and stance perfectly. The concave is what really makes it for me on this one, unlike most other boards I have ridden in the past! You can put your back foot anywhere on the deck and still feel comfortable and confident that your foot isn’t going to slip anywhere during a slide. The concave is simple enough to feel natural and nimble but at the same time there is still plenty to keep you on the board the whole time. Wheelbases from 27’’ to 30’’ is perfect for riders ranging in different sizes, I’m currently using the 27’’ wheelbase for everything as it feels nice and drifty with an easy release into slides but also keeps you stable at high speeds.

I am currently representing: Arbor UK, Caliber Trucks UK, Bern UK, Slide Perfect wheels, Thrill Magazine, SMD hardware, Mckneez skate shop and BTR.