BIC Sport is a world-leading expert in water sports products. An innovator in the manufacture process of surf and SUP boards, as well as a benchmark brand in the demanding sit-on-top kayak market, with a range of innovative kayaks that have picked up numerous design awards. A vast majority of our products are built in France, using environmentally friendly, non-polluting manufacturing techniques that like our products have been globally recognised and awarded.

Over the past several years BiC has focused in on Stand Up Paddling, and unlike other board sports that demand hours and hours of practice to become proficient, SUP is easy to learn, simple to do and incredibly FUN. Weather you call it Paddleboarding, Paddlesurfing, SUP – there is something magical about the simple act of walking on water. Whether you’re a total beginner, top level pro, zen master or surf seeker, BIC SUP has a full range of boards to suit all skills and all styles. We’re confident you’ll find a board, and a paddle, that will take you to where you’re looking to go.

The BiC SUP Air Collection is one of the lightest yet stiffest i-SUP’s on the market in 2015, thanks to its innovative profile stringer giving it structural strength and rigidity without using excess material. You will not believe the weight saving benefit and sheer performance of the board. Never have i-SUPs been so closely compared to the more traditionally laminated boards

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