Our friends over at The Wetsuit Centre have written a feature for us on BIC SURFBOARDS. Check it out below.


By Sebastian Kocen : The Wetsuit Centre

Bic surfboards are built to perfection to give you the best surfing experience. Bic offers a variety of surfboards designed for every skill level from beginner to pro. So what is it exactly about Bic boards that makes them so special? Using new construction technologies and surfing know-how Bic builds boards that are durable and dynamic, this is how it’s done:

New Surfboard Materials

Bic is the world leader in the manufacture of surfboards and stand-up paddle boards. Bic surfboards are lightweight, durable and affordable. Big-name shapers are brought in to design the boards. Finished blueprints and samples are then taken to France where they are made incorporating two highly advanced production techniques. Here is a small description of how they are formed and molded.



In this technique, the core of the surfboard is made of polystyrene. This ensures the board is as lightweight as possible. The blank polystyrene is then covered by fibreglass, but this fibreglass is unique as it is impregnated with a resin that will ultimately make the board rock solid. Finally, the board is put in a mold, pressure-sealed and cooked. Each board is processed with the utmost care.

Blow molding

Polystyrene is melted, sucked through a tube and blown against an empty mold. The new board is taken out of the mold for cooling. It is then expansion-filled with high density polyurethane foam. The board is finalised and taken to another facility where it is painted before being distributed and sold.

Lots of boards

Bic offers a large variety of surfboards with a big emphasis on beginners. With light, durable, boards many beginners are attracted by affordable prices, perfect for a first-time buyers. At the Wetsuit Centre we offer a big selection of Bic products ranging from surfboards, to wetsuits, accessories and package deals.

Environmental impact

Bic is committed to reducing waste and carbon emissions. Advanced technology allows the boards to be made in short production cycles, keeping energy consumption to a minimum. Few resources are needed to produce the raw materials used to build the boards and most Bic surfboards are 100% recyclable.

Bic surfboards are special because they are deigned to encourage new surfers into the sport with affordable, world-class surf gear.