Liquid Force Present LF’n Awesome – A film that was supposed to be about wakeboarding….

Trying to sum up everything that is in LF’n Awesome in a few sentences is impossible, which is why the video’s tagline is so apropos: “a film that was supposed to be about wakeboarding.” Granted, a film from the world’s biggest wakeboard company with arguably the best group of young riders on the team should have a lot of wakeboarding in it. And LF’n A does, in spades, but it also has more. A lot more. The truth of the matter is wakeboarding is about so much more than just riding, and the pro wakeboarders we all look up to are also so much more than just pro riders. The crew making LF’n A faced some serious hurdles throughout the filming process; from typhoons, to blown knees, and beyond, they had to overcome a lot. But through that the identity of the film took place and subsequently became one of the most enjoyable wake movies to watch. Whether it is the hilarious intro of the guys riding directional boards that are older than they are, Bob Soven jumping his ’92 F150 way farther than is considered safe for a stock truck that old, Daniel Grant carving past an elephant, Raph Derome trying to teach the group ice hockey, or the jaw-dropping riding that proves why each rider is among the best in the world (and all under 23 years old); LF’n Awesome has it all and because of that it really is f’ing awesome.