Often Imitated, never Duplicated

Smith design helmets and goggles to work together as a fully integrated system to allow you to get more out of every experience by removing distractions that slow you down.

Smith Snow


Precise Fit

Ultimate integration starts with the precise fit of the Smith goggle and helmet. Our helmets are designed to match the curvature of the goggle frame, eliminating “gaper gap” and allowing precise alignment between the helmet AirEvac and the goggle venting systems.

Airevac: Maximum Airflow

Goggles fog when standard helmets trap warm, moist air in the goggle chamber. Smith’s AirEvac ventiliation systems generate maximum airflow and pull warm, fog-causing air out of the goggle. The warm air is allowed to exhaust out of the top of the goggle and begin its path through the helmet’s AirEvac system

Airevac 2: Constant Airflow

AirEvac 2 continues to drive the warm air away from the goggle through external vents and internal channels in the EPS liner. Internal airflow can be adjusted through the helmet’s Regulator climage control system.

Rear Exhaust Ventialtion

The warm air that originally built up in the goggle has been forced out via the AirEvav ventilation system, has traveled through the AirEva 2 EPS vent channels, and is now being exhausted at the furthest distance possible from the goggle. Ultimate integration between goggle and helmet from start to finish.


Smith Helmet Integration
Smith Helmet Integration