NSP is very proud to announce Titouan Puyo (TI2) from New Caledonia, has signed with NSP.

2015 French Champion and 2015 world number 5, Titouan Puyo is excited to join NSP as he continues his climb up the world leaderboard rankings.

“NSP’s 2016 race boards are super fast and I’m very excited to be part of the team. NSP performance will definitely allow me to extend my results for 2016” says Titouan.

“NSP is equally excited to have Titouan join the International team. Titouan is a talented and extremely focused individual. He is a perfect match for NSP and will play a leading role in our continuous R&D program, along with fellow team rider Travis Grant and NSP race designers Alain Teurquetil and Dale Chapman” says Sander Blauw, NSP International Sales and Marketing Manager.

NSP’s 2016 range of raceboards are rumoured to be the fastest production boards on the market. This will definitely be delivering a competitive advantage to Titouan Puyo and all our NSP team riders.

Welcome Titouan, to Team NSP!

Titouan’s latest results;

1st 2015 Paris Crossing

1st 2015 French Champion – Distance

1st 2015 French Champion – Course Race

1st 2015 Euro Tour – Happy Summer SUP Race Namur

1st 2015 Euro Tour – Bilbao World SUP Challenge

1st 2015 Euro Tour – SUP Race Cup – Distance Race

1 st 2015 NJR Pro Cup

1st 2015 Forster Island Paddle Festival

2nd overall, Naish Gorge Paddle Challenge, Oregon

3rd ISA World Championship – Technical Race

For more information on Titouan Puyo, NSP and our 2016 range of NSP board’s please visit www.nspsurfboards.com or email Sander@ctlcomposite.com

NSP Team - Ti2, Alain, Travis